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Finance Department

Finance Department, FATA Secretariat once part of the Finance Department KPK dealing with the affairs of FATA in terms of budgetary matters and under its administrative control, was shifted/accommodated in Governor Secretariat in 2002. Finance Department was further restructured in 2006 to become part of the FATA Secretariat in 2006. It is headed by a Secretary who manages the financial matters of government in tribal affairs. The main functions of Finance Department are dealing with current budget and developmental budget of FATA and compilation of appropriation accounts for submission to the Federal Government and compliance report on Departmental Accounts Committee/Provincial Accounts Committee. Moreover, the department renders advices on tendering and procurement and other rules of business related to financial matters.

Business of the Department

  • All matters relating to the finances of the FATA Secretariat

  • Current expenditure budget  Supplementary and Excess Budget Statements.

  • Schedule of authorized expenditure.

  • Re-appropriation of funds under various heads.

  • Accounts and Audit.

  • Advances to employees.

  • Sanction of expenditure requiring concurrence of Finance Department.

  • Advice on financial matters.

  • Proper utilization of funds.

  • Matters relating to banks and maintenance of bank accounts.

  • Policies regarding investment of funds.

  • Pay, allowances and other financial benefits allowed to employees.

  • Delegation of financial powers.

  • Release of funds  including donors, financial assistance.

  • Financial matters with the local AGPR, SAFRON and Finance Division.

  • Financial planning and control of expenditure.

  • Nomination of DDOs for the FATA Secretariat.

  • Determination of rent of hired office and residential accommodation.

  • Recovery of Government taxes and their deposit in the treasury.

  • Sale, or transfer, of Federal Government assets.

  • Matters relating to the functions of the Financial Adviser of the Ministry of Finance



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